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Students! This is where you should talk about what you tried from the links section. What did you do? What did you learn? Was it easy or difficult? Will you try it again? Do you have any advice for other students about that link? Try another one and respond again! You have to use English to improve your English!


41 thoughts on “Link Responses

  1. AnywayT^T I visited BBC English Learning part and I tried to study listening. However it made me bored easily because I couldn't understand some sentences due to British accent. Then I moved on to Interesting Things for ESL Students part. It has a lot of sources and levels and if you want to study vocabulary, it would be very helpfull I think.
    writing two times is so annoying:(
    seeya guys


  2. MyeongSu

    This blog has good website for learning english.^^ I visited English Baby! part I listened dialog about Micheal Jackson. Then I thought about your dancing. Hahaha
    If I visit every day, I will improve my english skills.


  3. Great work guys! I am glad that you tried something. When I looked at BBC it looked a little boring, but I think that it is important to become familiar with other accents. Even if it is frustrating at first don't give up. Myeongsu I am glad that you found something that you enjoyed, and you are right, I hope that my students start to make daily habits for studying English. For South Korea the internet is the best option for finding interesting and fun ways to practice English. Keep exploring!


  4. By the way, Myeong Su if you like getting down, shaking your butt and grooving to the music, check out English Ryan. You can listen to songs, and learn some new phrases. He has many English lessons for a variety of songs.


  5. Sungha

    This blog is very useful to study English.
    Have a good website!! I visited English Listening Lounge, and I chose American English, Lew Listeners, Sports.
    In spite of a Lew Listeners lenvel, I felt bit
    difficult to lestening. So I will try to rise my listening ability!!
    Anyway I often this Site! ^^


  6. WOW! so many people here:)
    I'm so sleepy -γ……-).zZ
    Martin! It's time to bed πŸ™‚
    anyway guys don't forget homework and don't worry. I haven't done yet neither >ㅁ<
    Good night guys seeya


  7. I am glad that you are finding it useful. I will keep updating new sites that might be useful, and I hope you keep using them, and posting on this blog, even after you finish my class. But until then don't worry I will keep making you post for homework, HAHAHAAHA!


  8. MyeongSu

    I listened My Favorite Foods at English Listening Lounge. Sentence of My Favorite Foods is very simple. She just said food.^^
    Maybe I chose to be easy Sentence.


  9. I visited ESL Videos about “R” sound. Unfortunatly it was really boring because it was too slow and just about vocabularies. If we do following that order, it could be helpful. However I guess it's not gonna help us before we repeat recording our voice then hearing many times. What about tongue twister. If we can do that, it would be good for our pronunciation and fluency. What do you think guys:)


  10. the Job Cafe's clerk

    Spikey!! you are such a student who is really deligent.

    I can not wait till Wednesday afernoo. πŸ˜€

    How about you?

    I hope that that wouldn't be the last time.

    I think we can make everything different,don't we?


  11. ahaha!

    I did the University of Victoria English Zone.
    I could choose the level which should fit me.
    You know I love to make a right order the story.

    Actually I could finish the all material. But it seems to me the story is fascinating for me. So, it should be interesting to you, too.It was about Tatoo. Why so many youg generations want to have it thesedays? a Fahion, identification or trend I don't know. But I am sure we are all curious about it.

    I actually wanted to have got it. But I just got back because the atmosphere of shop was scary. πŸ˜€
    Have you guys ever tried to have got it? or have it alreay?

    If you could have one, I wonder what you would paint on your body.


  12. Myeong Su

    I studied Fourth of July at English Baby.

    Before I didn't know what day Fourth of July. But I learned the Independence Day in the American. Also, I realized that kick back means relax.

    I'm hungry. Because, I read that Americans have potlucks and barbecues, and eat many foods in Independence Day. HAHAHA… Just kidding.


  13. Sungha14

    I studied University of Victoria English Study Zone , Reading part. I like reading.
    I read beginer level. This is very very easy.
    I want to read high level, but I haven't time.
    If I study it again, I will try to read high level!


  14. Great work guys! I am very excited for Wednesday too! I mentioned to Zak and Janice's classes this morning so maybe we will get some more people attending. And if Spike made some cool signs and put them up in good locations, who knows how many people will turn up! Also spread the word tomorrow and Wednesday morning. I agree with “Job Cafe Clerk” I really hope that this is the beginning of something regular, that keeps continuing even if I don't push it. I am happy to hear that you tried some more activities from the websites, I always had fun on July 4th when I was young, lots of fireworks, pretty big ones that are illegal, the cops would come try to catch us, but no one got into trouble. But now that I live in Korea I forgot that it was July 4th, whoops! Thanks for the link Spike, and good idea for a discussion topic “ahaha” maybe you can use it tomorrow for class! Ok guys see you tomorrow. Later


  15. shoot!! My roomy's parents suddenly came just before I was ready to write on here! then roomy's mom cleaned up all our house and his father just sit down next to me. I felt like I had butterflies in my stomach. Anyway I don't have enough time so I just tell you guys I have a good news and tell you soon:) seeya!


  16. spikey

    I've caught a cold.. There was no energy in the morning. And it's steel continued.
    My throat feel some pain, when I drink something. Even drink water
    But tommorow, it must be better.
    See you~


  17. bagisubi

    Wow I visited the University of Victoria English Study Zone and It's really nice to study grammar also reading ,and vocabularies and I didn't realized that web site is from Victoria, Canada which is my best friend used to live:) anyway guys I think if you want to improve your grammar it's gonna be really effective!! seeya guys soon good night!


  18. Myeong Su

    I visited English Baby today. I think that English Baby not only interesting but also helful to improve english skill.

    I watched Ebaby TV that it was story of a couple.
    I didn't listened very well. Because she was mutter to herself.


  19. Myeong Su

    I listened to the dialog about Film Adaptations. It is that two women talked about movie from book. For example, Lord of the Rings and Harry Portter.

    I watched Lord of the Rings:The Fellowship of The Ring. It was very exciting. But the others I does not watch yet. Someday I will watch it.


  20. BBC vs ABC

    I think the web site,” Dong-A ilbo” is so nice
    beecause we can watch the News such as BBC or ABC.Besides What on earth it's for free.
    I was looking for the website where I can wa
    tch them, but I couldn't find.

    But, here you are! we can watch those News with that site. It's so nice! : D

    Anyway, Have a nice weekend! and see you on Monday.


  21. Wow.. there're so many comments.
    you're a celebrity. kk
    My name is jin oh~ you know?
    always i didn't speak english well πŸ˜€
    but I dont hate speaking english, then I cant make a sentence well. so, always I think about sentence to tell in our class. uhm…
    actually, I can write English a little bit but I cant speak english well kk It's my problem.;(
    I'm sure you're very nice teacher in world wide.
    because you have a passion to learn students.
    i think It's most important.
    thank you for your lecture πŸ˜€
    Good luck!!


  22. Dear. Martin


    How are you today? ^^

    The weather is great with fresh air. It seems that someting special happens to me.

    I'm sorry about my absence. I want to speak English well but it isn't easy.

    In spite of my business thing, I am willing to take your class and learn English.

    The picture of cute baby in your blog makes me feel that I want to get married right now.

    Have a nice weekend and a good time with your familly.

    See you next monday.




  23. Hi Martin~

    How's your weekend?

    I met girl frand from Daegu city.
    If it had not rained, We went saw the movie.
    So, we eat abomasum(막창?) and soju.

    If you have chance with me drink soju ^^
    good – bye!


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