Gender Equality Meeting

My colleague, Terry Faulkner and I have been exploring the possibility of replacing fully or augmenting the face to face sexual harassment compliance course for international faculty at our university with an online course that we design. We secured a meeting with the head of the office of gender equality, who would function as our subject matter expert regarding sexual harassment policy in South Korea.

To prepare for the meeting, Terry and I met with a local translator, identified important terms in the instructional design field and the sexual harassment policy that we might need translated, to ensure that nothing was lost in translation and the subject matter expert would feel comfortable. We also made a brief agenda for the meeting in both languages to outline our questions for the SME and our thoughts on the design of the course:  Training Agenda 2.29.16 Training Agenda 2.29.16 한국어.

During the meeting we were shown several sexual harassment courses that were designed professionally from firms outside of the university for the student body. We were able to convince the office of Gender Equality, that we would be able to produce a course of similar quality that would satisfy the requirements of the office. We agreed to provide a short 5-7 minute sample course based off of content displayed in an English job aide distributed in the previous face to face sexual harassment training session. We also agreed to a one month time frame to deliver this sample course. Finally, we determined that a survey of the international faculty of our department; regarding their experiences in the previous sexual harassment course, areas of confusion, and questions regarding South Korean sexual harassment policies would produce a valuable description of learner needs. Terry and myself would create, collect and evaluate the data from this survey after the sample course was accepted.

Overall it was a successful meeting. The translator was a great help. The SME seemed comfortable and Terry and I left motivated to deliver a sample course that represented our design skills and our professionalism.

To read more about the steps previous to this meeting visit Terry’s blog.